Radon – Testing & Solutions

Radon, an odorless & colorless gas, is caused by natural “radioactive” activity in the soil beneath our feet and homes. When it occurs in the outdoors, it contains no threat to us because of the extremely low levels of exposure when diluted with circulating nitrogen & oxygen. Those with exposure to radon over a period of years should consult a physician in order to determine if they are at higher levels of risk of developing lung cancer or other serious medical issues.

Testing for Radon: Test with the windows closed & test multiple times over a period of multiple weeks as levels can fluctuate dramatically in short periods of time. One option is to test for radon during your home inspection. You can also purchase a home testing kit and test anytime. If your drinking water comes from a well, test for radon to determine if you need to mitigate the radon levels in your water.

Generally the solution for radon is to improve the sealing & insulation of your home or property, focusing on where radon potentially enters your home: the basement floor, concrete cracks, gaps in siding. Experts also suggest increasing your home’s ventilation in order to improve the circulation of fresh air into the home and radon out. Continue to test after making improvements and if you are still at unacceptable radon levels, please consult a professional.

We must insist that before starting any home improvement project including radon testing or asbestos removal, you should consult &/or hire a licensed & experienced professional.